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2004 January

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wouldnt you know it?
01.28.04 (3:21 pm)   [edit]
I switched to this blog style from my website journal because I could add pictures, and now I see I will have to pay for the feature. Wonderful. For now, I will go back to that until I have $20 to spare. Damn. :(

01.23.04 (4:01 pm)   [edit]
GOD! GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares if they are together or not? Is Gigli 2 coming out or something!? Why is it that some celebrities can manage to stay out of the spotlight with their relationships and others are always in it no matter what. Are people really that curious about these 2? I dont get it. I guess if anything positive came out of this story its that Britney Spears and her 1 minute wedding is no longer a top story. Good Grief. Someone shoot me, why am I even talking about this.

Road Rage
01.21.04 (11:01 am)   [edit]
[image]thenothinthatis_308768941.jpg[/image] Yeah cuz this makes sense! There is nothing like being in the car with someone who is driving like an ass and justifies it with retarded logic. Whats the big deal with just being patient!? Why is everyone in such a big hurry to get everywhere? Is life that urgent? Its not the other inconsiderate drivers that scare me, its the person Im driving with who has no consideration for anyone in the car but themselves.

Man? Woman? In Transition?
01.20.04 (4:38 pm)   [edit]
I saw this picture of Michael and had thought it was odd how he kinda looks like one of those transop patients. You know, people who change genders but go through the hormonal process before they have the operation? Who knows if he did anything to little boys. Do you think if he took off his jacket, there are some boobs ?

01.13.04 (10:29 pm)   [edit]

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